Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Persecution of Shouwang Church members continues for fifth Sunday

The church-state confrontation between one of Beijing’s largest house churches and the Chinese authorities continued for a fifth straight Sunday, reported ChinaAid Association.

On May 8, police detained at least 13 members of Shouwang Church who attempted to congregate and hold an outdoor worship service, as well as at least one Christian from another house church who turned up at the designated outdoor meeting site in a show of solidarity.

Authorities also continued rendering church members homeless by pressuring their landlords to evict them. This tactic was employed just days after the first outdoor worship attempt on April 10.

ChinaAid sources also reported that, as in past weeks, many Shouwang families were confined to their homes and not allowed to go to the designated meeting site in Zhongguancun, in northwest Beijing’s Haidian district.

Please pray for the house church members as well as evicted families.

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