Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Christian girls kidnapped in Egypt

Nancy and Christine
were recently kidnapped by Muslims.
(Photo: FrontPage Magazine)
Two Coptic Christian girls were on their way to church in Minya, Egypt on Sunday, June 12, when they were abducted by Muslim kidnappers, reports FrontPage Magazine. The cousins, Christine Azat, 16, and Nancy Magdi, 14, were held for a ransom of 200,000 Egyptian pounds (approximately $33,015 CAD).

Christine’s father immediately went to the police when he discovered the abduction and has continued to seek their help to no avail.

The people of Christine and Nancy’s region began gathering as much money as they could. They came up with the ransom money, but when they tried to make the exchange with the kidnappers, they were told the girls had already been sold to another group that was asking for 12 million pounds in payment (approximately $2 million CAD).

Nancy’s father laments the kidnapping of his daughter, saying she’s still only a child.

“She is only 14 years old, the youngest in the family, our baby… .Since her disappearance my household has been living in continuous depression, misery, and weeping,” he said.

It is not probable that the 12 million pound ransom will be raised. Christine and Nancy will likely face rape and enslavement if they are not killed.

The usual rumour that the girls willingly left their families and converted to Islam is being circulated. However, even Al Azhar, the institution that formally recognizes conversions to Islam, has not acknowledged the conversion of the girls.

The kidnappings add to an already long list of attacks on Christians in Minya. In April, we reported violence against Coptic Christians by a gang of thugs. The assaults began in January when two Coptic women were raped while a 30-year-old man and a 12-year-old boy were held for ransom.

Please pray for Christians in Egypt:
  • Pray that Christine and Nancy’s families will continue to trust in God as they seek wisdom in the next steps they should take.
  • Pray the police will recognize the kidnappings and take action.
  • Pray that those who kidnap Christians will see the love of Christ displayed in the lives of their victims.

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