Monday, June 27, 2011

Iranian Christian held in solitary confinement

Farshid Fathi
Friends and family of a detained Iranian Christian are calling for clarification of his case more than five months after he was sent to Tehran's notoriously brutal Evin prison, reports Release International and Mohabat News.

Farshid Fathi, 32, was one of several believers detained by government security officials in December 2010 during a series of raids on Christians' homes in Tehran. He has endured months of solitary confinement even though no court orders or instructions have been issued in his case. Interrogators have reportedly used psychological torture in attempts to force Farshid to reveal details of Christian contacts.

Farshid's wife and two young children have been allowed to speak to him only once a week. Farshid's family was forced to sell his father-in-law's home in order to survive financially and have not been able to pay the bail to secure his release.

You can help Farshid Fathi by praying!
  • Pray God will strengthen and console Farshid as he suffers for his faith.
  • Pray his family will trust in the Lord for provision and comfort.
  • Pray the steadfast faith of Iranian believers will encourage other Christians in the country who are suffering persecution.
  • Pray the Word of the Lord will continue to go forth in Iran and that many will come to embrace Him as Lord.

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