Monday, August 15, 2011

The need for Bibles in China

A woman reads a Bible at a home-church meeting.
Back in April, we printed a story in our monthly newsletter by Paul Hattaway with Asia Harvest, asking “Are Bibles Still Needed in China?”

There has long been much conflicting information revolving around:
  1. the number of Bibles printed in China,
  2. their accessibility to believers in both government-sanctioned churches and house churches, and
  3. the need for outside organizations to provide more Bibles.
On Friday, our partner mission China Aid Association, published a recent interview with Paul. If you’ve been wondering about the need for Bibles in China, please take a few moments to read this interview. It’s worth your time.

CLICK HERE to read “An Emergency in China: Interview with Paul Hattaway on the Shortage of Bibles in China Today.”

Be blessed!

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