Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Priest re-arrested in Vietnam

Father Van Ly,
who has serious health issues,
has been re-arrested.
Please pray!
Father Nguyen Van Ly, a Vietnamese priest who has spent more than 15 years in prison, was re-arrested by authorities on July 25, reports AsiaNews.

Van Ly was last arrested in February 2007, when he was detained for distributing material "harmful to the state." He was released in March 2010 to undergo a year's medical treatment for serious health concerns, including two severe strokes that left him partially paralyzed.

During his medical leave, authorities prevented him from giving interviews or meeting with activists. Police also reportedly roughed up a U.S. diplomat who attempted to visit with him.

For more information on the trials Father Van Ly has faced, click here. To read the full article from AsiaNews, click here.

Please pray for Father Van Ly!
  • Pray that he will be released from prison.
  • Pray for continued health and strength. 
  • Pray that Father Van Ly will trust in the Lord in all things. 
  • Pray that freedom of religion and freedom of speech will be respected in Vietnam.

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