Thursday, November 10, 2011

Update on recently released Iranian Christian woman

Arezo Teymouri
Arezo Teymouri and her husband, Arash Kermanjani, were arrested in Iran in 2010 at the home of Vahik and Sonia Abrahamian. The couples were taken to the Ministry of Islamic Guidance prison, where they were abused physically and psychologically and held in solitary confinement during their first 40 days in prison.

Arezo, Arash, and Sonia were released from prison in April 2011. Arezo and Arash left soon afterwards for Turkey, where they received medical treatment.

A VOM contact recently reported, "The major problem with Arezo's leg – which would have required major surgery – is now gone! She was jumping up and down, to the initial consternation of her husband. It appears that the leg is healed!"

Arezo has been able to pick up Turkish easily, and they have been well received. Praise God!

Vahik and Sonia have also left Iran, arriving in the Netherlands in September (for more information, click here).

Thank you for praying for these Iranian brothers and sisters! To learn about other prayer needs for Iranian Christians, please visit our Iran Country Report.

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  1. Praise God! He's our Redeemer and Saviour! Halleluiah!


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