Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christian woman in Pakistan awaits hearing in December

On November 10, an appeal was held for Ruqqiya Bibi, a Christian woman in Pakistan sentenced to 25 years in prison for “defiling the Qur’an” by allegedly touching it with unwashed hands (for more information, click here).

According to the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance & Settlement, Ruqqiya’s lawyer presented the case for her release in court, denying the accusation and stating that the witnesses brought forward by the prosecution contradict those mentioned in the First Information Report. He pressed for her acquittal and release from prison.

In response, the judge moved to set an appeal hearing for her case in the third week of December.

Please pray!  
  • Please pray for Ruqqiya and her family’s safety. 
  • Pray for those supporting Ruqqiya in her legal battle. 
  • Pray that her conviction will be overturned at the upcoming hearing. 
  • Pray for other Christians in Pakistan who are facing charges of blasphemy. 
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