Monday, January 2, 2012

Regime change in Syria bad news for Christians

Please pray for Christians in Syria.
A regime change in Syria would almost certainly have negative effects on Christians, reports our sister mission, VOM USA.

The Syrian uprising is "not about 'democracy' as the West knows it," wrote Elisabeth Kendal in the Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin. "It is about restoring [Sunni Muslim domination], Arab hegemony and the Islamic order to Syria."

During the uprising, Syrian Christians have been forced from their homes and Christian businesses burned. Protestors at one event reportedly chanted, "The Alawites to the grave and the Christians to Beirut."

While VOM-supported evangelists have long faced harassment and other difficulties while sharing the gospel, many fear that a change in Syria's leadership could raise anti-Christian persecution to levels seen in Iran.

Please pray for the protection and perseverance of God's children in Syria. To learn more about the trials Christians face in Syria, please visit our Syria Country Report.

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