Friday, February 17, 2012

Persecuted Christians: Affliction or privilege? (Part 1)

In order to increase awareness regarding the persecution of Christians, specifically those in Muslim countries, The Moody Church recently hosted a conference entitled Persecuted Christians: Affliction or Privilege? The Impact of Islam in the East & West.

The church was joined by speakers from all over the globe. Below is the first of three videos from the conference.

This video, entitled “Biblical Reponse to Persecution,” will challenge you to change your thinking and will inspire you to:
  • be better informed about the persecution of Christians under Islamic regimes,
  • more highly value the freedom we enjoy to worship our Lord Jesus,
  • seize every opportunity to reach out to those Muslims God brings into our lives,
  • designate significant time to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Islamic countries.

How did this message challenge you? Please share your comments or questions below.

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  1. The western church needs to be educated and have a broken heart for our brother and sisters. Our western governments need to place human rights over our economy and trade prospects with other countries. Let this start with me!


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