Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Executive Director of VOM-USA passes away

Tom White, the Executive Director of our sister mission in the United States, has passed away. Please pray for Tom’s friends and family during this difficult time. Please also pray for all the staff, volunteers, and supporters of VOM-USA as they mourn his loss.
Tom White: (1947-2012) 
It is with great sadness that The Voice of the Martyrs (USA) announces the death of our Executive Director, Tom White.
Tom led The Voice of the Martyrs for more than 20 years, including years of incredible growth in the ministry’s reach to support and work with persecuted Christians and to share their stories with the American Church. Prior to taking leadership of the ministry he worked alongside VOM’s founders, Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand.
All of our hearts are heavy at this loss, and most of all heavy for Ofelia, Tom’s loyal help-mate through years of ministry, including 17 months he spent in a Cuban prison, and for his children and grandchildren.
Additional information, including information about memorials and services, will be made available at the appropriate time.


  1. My heart goes out to Tom's family and everyone at Voice of the Martyrs. I had the joy of meeting Dr. Tom White at a regional conference a few months ago. He was so down to earth, he took the time out to speak with me and signed my Bible. My prayers are with all that are missing Tom and for VOM. He was used greatly for God's glory!

  2. My condolences to his family. I heard speak just a year ago...what an inspiration he was.

  3. God bless and comfort his victims.

  4. Yes, let's pray for the little girl and her family, as well as Dr. White's family and VOM. This is a very difficult time for everyone involved. What happened is not the little girl's fault; I am certain that Dr. White knew full well that he was responsible for all that happened, and this is why he took his life. From what I understand, the little girl's family doesn't want what happened to affect the ministry. May God lead all Christian brothers and sisters through this, teaching us to pray and speak as we ought, under full direction of the Holy Spirit. We need to lean heavily on the Holy Spirit through this and pray for, minister to, and nurture the little girl and her family, as well as continue the good work that this organization has been tasked with doing. Let us keep our eyes on HIM, just as Peter did through the stormy seas.


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