Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Manini's overcoming faith

Manini thanks believers in Canada
for their continued prayers.
Manini Digal was just an ordinary teenager living in Orissa, India. But everything changed for her in August 2008, when Hindu mobs attacked village after village, targeting the Christians in their wake. The militants were seeking revenge for the death of a Hindu leader – a crime that was blamed on Christians even though Maoists accepted responsibility.

Manini’s father, mother, and grandfather were attacked before the young men set their attention on Manini. She was beaten, gang-raped, doused with kerosene and set on fire.

Eventually, Manini was brought to Indore, Madhya Pradesh, by a VOM partner so that she might receive better medical treatment. The recovery process has been slow and difficult. She has had several surgeries and continues to carry the physical and emotional scars of her attack.

VOM staff recently visited Manini to hear an update on her condition. Manini began by thanking Christians in Canada for praying for her. "By [the] grace of God and because of your prayers, I’m managing and doing good," she shared.

Manini also shared about how her faith, despite the horrors she has faced, has grown since the attack. "I believe God can do impossible things for me," she said. "I believe now that He can do all things."

The Lord has indeed done wonderful things in Manini’s life. She has experienced physical healing to the point where she only occasionally suffers pain or itching from her scars.

Manini is currently studying at a Discipleship Training School. She particularly enjoys spending time alone with God in prayer, interceding on behalf of others. She is also involved in outreach work by sharing her testimony with new believers. Her story of overcoming faith has encouraged many. Some of Manini’s favourite passages in the Bible are Psalm 23, 103, and 121.

Manini hopes to study nursing in the future and to use those gifts to serve God’s people.

As this brave sister in Christ seeks to live for His glory, please keep her in your prayers! "Please do continue to pray for me," Manini said, "that I could continue to stand for the faith and for the Lord."

To watch a video interview with Manini, click here.

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