Saturday, May 19, 2012

Poem for the persecuted

Alyse L. of Ohio, age 14, wrote the following poem of encouragement for the persecuted Church.
When I keep my eyes on Jesus
All else just seems to disappear:
All my worries, all my fears,
All my sorrow, shame, and tears.
When I keep my eyes on Jesus,
It’s then I see what really matters.
And everything else is taken away,
All that I’ve put in my own way. 
When I keep my eyes on Jesus,
And on Him alone,
I stop focusing on things of this world
And start seeing things that are out of this world. 
When I keep my eyes on Jesus,
His tender arms o’er me enfold,
And He whispers my name
With a gentle assurance
And lovingly places me in His mold. 
If you keep your eyes on Jesus,
He’s sure to do the same.
And everything will become as new,
When His will you do.
This poem, along with many resources and activities to teach kids about their suffering brothers and sisters, can be found on our children’s ministry website, Do your kids or Sunday school students have a poem, drawing, or other creative way to show their support for the persecuted Church? If so, we’d love to hear about it. Simply contact our office, and be sure to take some photos!

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