Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Church in Tanzania undeterred by attacks

Pray for churches throughout Tanzania.
(Photo: amanderson2/Flickr)
Believers in a church twice attacked by a violent mob continue to worship and share the gospel despite the danger.

Members of an Assemblies of God church on Zanzibar Island, Tanzania, are continuing to meet for worship and outreach even though in May, a mob of 300 broke into the church and set musical instruments, chairs and the pulpit on fire.

Just months before that, Muslims extremists threw a large homemade bomb into the church as 500 believers celebrated the New Year. The bomb did not detonate, but police said it could have killed everyone inside had it exploded.

Please pray for this church.
  • Praise God for the boldness of these believers! 
  • Please pray that they will not be hindered as they take the saving message of Christ to those who have not been reached in their community (Acts 28:31). 
  • Pray that God will thwart the efforts of those seeking to harm Christians or Christian property in this community. 
To post a prayer of support for these believers, please visit our Persecuted Church Prayer Wall.

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