Thursday, August 30, 2012

You can help Christians still suffering in Orissa, India

Puspanjali’s husband was murdered in the 2008 attacks
in Orissa, India. You can watch her testimony on our multimedia site.
About 10,000 Christians remain homeless four years after Hindu militants destroyed over 5,000 homes while plundering and setting hundreds of villages ablaze in Orissa State (now called Odisha State), India, reports Asia News.

Violence broke out in 2008 in Orissa following the assassination of the leader of a Hindu ultranationalist group. Although a Marxist group claimed responsibility, Hindu militants blamed Christians and launched widespread attacks. During the violence, tens of thousands of Christians fled their homes, dozens were killed, and hundreds were injured.

Today, many families that were affected by the violence continue to live in ghettos, and Christians who refuse to convert to Hinduism are often victims of social, economic and political discrimination. According to a fact-finding visit by a group of journalists, activists and writers, there has been no justice for victims and compensation for lost homes and churches has been inadequate or non-existent.

Four years later, The Voice of the Martyrs continues to help Christians in Orissa rebuild their lives. We work with local partners to provide skills training to believers who have received little to no help, enabling them find meaningful work and provide for their families and others in need. Those who receive skills training also become potential candidates for a microloan program. We are also coming alongside the local church to provide discipleship training to church leaders, equipping them to be godly shepherds of their congregations in the midst of hostility and opposition. Finally, we care for the children who lost one or both parents in the violence by providing them a safe home, education, clothing, food, and medical attention. To join us in remembering our persecuted family in Orissa through this practical support, please consider making a donation.

We also encourage you to pray for believers in Orissa, and tell others about their suffering. For specific prayer requests for suffering believers in Orissa, please read our Persecution & Prayer Alert. Please also share these prayer requests for Christians in Orissa in your church’s bulletin or share this blog post on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you for remembering our persecuted family in Orissa!

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