Thursday, September 27, 2012

Christians blessed by notes of encouragement

In August, we invited the subscribers of our Featured Resource email to write a letter of encouragement to Christians facing opposition in the Horn of Africa. Staff from VOM Canada recently visited with believers living in the area and distributed the notes.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ were pleased to learn that Christians worldwide are praying for them and are aware of their struggles.

VOM staff recently distributed your notes to
believers in the Horn of Africa.

One believer said, “I am so happy and very grateful. May God bless you all very, very much. It is so good to know that the people love us and have a concern for us. We feel we have someone on the other side of the world praying for us!”

Another shared, “I want to say God bless you all. It is so good to know that there are people across the world who pray for me. Thank you for thinking of us and sending these notes and for reminding us of the Word of God through the cards.”

We want to thank all of you who submitted a note of encouragement! Your words have been a blessing. Please continue to keep Christians in the Horn of Africa in your prayers, as many of them face opposition because of their faith.

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