Monday, December 31, 2012

In mailboxes this week!

Look for the January issue of The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter in your mailbox this week!

This month’s edition features:

Caring for our Global Family
In this issue, you will meet several members of our global family who are overcoming the challenges of persecution, thanks to the assistance, provision and spiritual encouragement provided by VOM – including all who partner with this vital ministry.

  • A Message from our VP of Outreach: Greg Musselman begins our visit around the world in Nigeria where Christian villages have been subjected to vicious attacks by Muslim extremists, and society’s most vulnerable members have not been exempt. You will first meet an adorable little girl by the name of Grace whose entire arm was severed during one of the attacks. Then you will hear a first-hand account of another event that took the lives of James’ parents and many siblings. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to rescue these traumatized, orphaned children and provide them greatly needed loving care.
  • A Mother’s Sacrifice: One of the most important aspects of a Godly mother’s life is the call to raise her children in the ways of the Lord. For this mother in Malaysia, not only was she forbidden to speak about the Bible with her young daughter and son, “Samrita” has been painfully estranged from them because of her faith. Due to much prayer and spiritual support from her global Christian family, “Samrita” has been granted favour with her husband and the court system, allowing her visitation with these hurting youngsters. 
  • You Cared for My Family: When an outraged mob of about 500 villagers assembled and began chanting, “Kill him! Death for the blasphemer!” this Christian Pakistani husband and father of two encountered false charges, family separation due to imprisonment, life-threatening dangers, and the loss of employment wages. Struggling to survive, God’s intervention came in the form of a VOM representative who served as a catalyst in what would have been a serious long-term situation.  
  • A Widow’s Courage: When her devoted husband never returned home, it jolted the lives of “Rebecca” and their three children. “Ali’s” passion to share the message of Jesus in his community actually cost him his life. Adding further insult to injury, “Rebecca” was blamed for his death as she never discouraged his passion for evangelism. The future appeared bleak for the abandoned single-parent family who tried to survive within a volatile community in Iraq. Today, this widow and her children are actively sharing “Ali’s” heart for the unsaved by praying for the salvation of his persecutors.
  • Cuba for Christ: At one time, “Andres” was a thriving Communist Party member, enjoying the benefits of serving the country’s socialistic government. However, when he decided to serve Christ instead, suddenly his world fell apart. At first, it cost him certain privileges, and then he lost his full-time job. With no money, and a family to support, “Andres” turned to a VOM representative for help. Romans 8:28 is presently a reality for the members of this Christian family...who are now joyfully pastoring a new growing church.
The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter is the flagship publication of The Voice of the Martyrs in Canada. Published monthly, it is available free of charge to anyone in Canada who requests it. You can subscribe online here.

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