Friday, December 28, 2012

Testimony of Female Prisoner Who Was Set Free in Indonesia

Roy Kalbulan and Ribur Manulang
Photo: Open Doors
Former Bible college student Ribur and her Christian friend Roy were arrested on May 29th, 2012, and three days later, were charged with abusing Islam. Their arrest took place after being captured and attacked by a mob of villagers in Aceh (located near Sumatra), where Ribur began meeting weekly with a family of believers and reaching out to the Muslim community there. While at the village just prior to the arrest, a crowd of people suddenly gathered around the two visitors and began beating them, also lashing at them with a cattle whip. Further interrogations by the village leader resulted in more accusatory questions and beatings. Ribur prayed that the Holy Spirit would give her the strength to stand strong and testify to the truth.

During her subsequent 60 days of solitary confinement, Ribur was able to read the Bible and pray. Someone unexpected took notice. A prison guard told her it was the first time they had seen how a Christian prayed and read the Bible. Since the authorities couldn't find any evidence against Ribur and Roy, they were let go. "After I was released," Ribur testifies with gratitude, "I felt that the same God who helped me in the prison was helping me still." Though the team's work in Aceh is on hold for now, she continues to serve her local church and still dreams of planting churches in Sumatra.

May the Lord grant Ribur 'the desires of her heart' to continue reaching out to others with the Gospel message of Jesus by opening doors of opportunity for her to minister in Sumatra. In the meantime, pray that He will prepare the hearts of people there so they will be receptive to the good news of His eternal salvation. Also pray for continued blessings on Ribur and Roy, and their ministry team, for their faithfulness to the call even during difficult circumstances.

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