Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Remembering Those in Chains

The February issue of our publication is now available! In this month's issue...
  • Remembering Those in Chains: The Apostle Paul’s admonishment in Hebrews 13:3 becomes even more relevant after learning about the deplorable prison conditions in the African nation of Eritrea, where an estimated 4,000 fellow believers are being forcefully confined – many held hostage in metal shipping containers that are unfit for humans.  
  • Criminal or Hero?: The increasing demand for newly printed Bibles cost a high price for this dedicated pastor in China. Yet his arrest and subsequent suffering was used to pave the way for despondent criminals to discover the enduring hope and power of Christ for themselves.
  • Helping Families of Prisoners: God’s Word is never taken for granted by imprisoned Christians in Southeast Asia who will go to great lengths to share His never-failing truths, even if it requires secretly writing out verses on scraps of paper and tissue. This family is thankful that God actually honoured His Word through the help of VOM’s ministry and faithful partners!
  • Cries of Truth Behind the Iron Curtain: Richard Wurmbrand, founder of VOM’s international ministry, provides captivating insights on the topic of suffering based on a child’s intuitive perception, while also drawing from the valuable life-lessons he learned in solitary confinement.
  • Unashamed of His Chains: Early Christians like the Apostle Paul understood what it was like to be forsaken by others, especially when sitting alone in a windowless dungeon deep in the ground. Yet this particular friend of Paul’s was commended for proving himself faithful to the very end. 
  • Brighten Someone’s Day: Discover how you can be an effective carrier of God’s light to someone who right now may be languishing in a dank, dingy prison cell merely for following Jesus. Your words of encouragement can make a profound difference in a prisoner’s life and situation, giving them a ‘ray of hope’ for a brighter tomorrow. 
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