Thursday, March 28, 2013

IRAN: Asylum Rejected by Swedish Authorities

Majid and Hamid Khosravi
(Photo: Mohabat News)
Source: Mohabat News

According to two recent reports, Iranian Christian converts currently living in Sweden are now at risk of deportation following decisions made by the Swedish Immigration Board rejecting their asylum applications.

Due to harassment and persecution by the Islamic secret police, Majid and Hamid Khosravi, who both converted to Christianity approximately ten years ago, decided to leave the country of Iran and seek asylum in Sweden. Those on the Swedish Immigration Board were not convinced of the two young men's Christian faith and the risk deportation could pose on their lives. (In Iran, converting from Islam to any religion is considered apostasy and, therefore, punishable by death.) Contrary to the board's conclusion, the senior pastor of the Iranian church in Stockholm testifies that both of these young men had actively served on the worship team of the Persian-speaking church and were also contributors to Iranian Christian TV networks and websites.

Another Christian convert, Parvaneh Sarabadi, also faces deportation to Iran. Shortly after converting from Islam to Christianity about two years ago, her husband, who became a believer about the same time, was murdered by a relative working for the government's Islamic regime. Forced to illegally leave the country due to severe harassment, sexual abuse and mental pressure, Parvaneh fled to Sweden where she, too, sought refuge. Despite confirmations from the church regarding her claim, and the support of several human rights advocacy groups, her application was turned down as well. To better understand the challenges facing Iranian believers, please go to the Iran Country Report.

Pray that our Almighty God will mediate on behalf of these suffering believers who are desperately seeking asylum, especially considering that they are at risk of further threat, torture and persecution. May He abundantly bless our Christian brothers, Majid and Hamid, as well as our dear sister Parvaneh, for demonstrating such steadfast faith. Please intercede for their protection and greatly needed strength throughout this time of tribulation. Also ask that God will enlighten the minds of all those in positions of authority and political power in both of these countries so they will govern justly over all of God's people.

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