Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pray for Turkmenistan

Pray for believers in Turkmenistan.
Yesterday's Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin reported there have been many answers to prayer for the Church in Central Asia:
  • Unity among Protestant churches is growing.
  • There are many testimonies of a growing interest in the Good News among Muslims.
  • Many churches have a missionary vision for reaching out to the neighbouring Muslim countries.
However, much prayer is still needed.

Today, please consider praying for Turkmenistan.
  • Religious freedom is under the strict control of the authorities in Turkmenistan.
  • Only a small number of churches are registered, while many others have been unsuccessfully trying to get registration for years. None of the ethnic Turkmen churches was registered. The unregistered churches meet secretly in homes, often changing meeting places.
  • Police regularly raid the houses of believers, confiscating and destroying Christian literature.
  • Pastor Ilmurad Nurliev was sentenced to four years in prison and forced medical treatment under a false accusation of drug addiction in October 2010 and is now in a labour camp that has extremely tough conditions. He has not been allowed to have a Bible since his arrest in August.  He has diabetes and has been denied necessary medication. He was excluded from the recent prisoner amnesty.
 Tomorrow, you’ll learn about and receive opportunities to pray for Azerbaijan.

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