Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Threatened by her own son

In the South Asian village where he serves, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Tarik Pradhan has witnessed people’s lives change as they chose to follow Jesus, reported ASSIST News. But as people have joined the fellowship of believers, anti-Christian fanatics have begun opposing Pastor Tarik’s ministry and the congregation.

On February 20, Pastor Tarik was leading a prayer meeting in Hemali’s house. During this time of worship and prayer, Hemali’s older son, Kamraj, and a group of villagers approached the house. They intended to beat the believers with rods and other weapons.

When Hemali saw the group of men, she sent Pastor Tarik and the rest of the believers out of the house through another entrance. Kamraj and his companions entered the room but didn’t find the congregation. Angry, they threatened Hemali and the other believing family members, saying that if they continued to go to church, they would kill them.

This threat has put stress on Hemali and her family. Pastor Tarik requested prayer for the family to stand firm in the Lord and for the following needs:
  • Kamraj to open his heart to Jesus and commit to serving God.
  • The believers in the congregation to remain strong in their faith.
  • God to prevent further hindrances from stopping the Sunday worship services.
Please lift these petitions to the Lord, and also ask the Lord to strengthen Pastor Tarik as he ministers in this village.

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  1. May God speed in times of their need , for the world we live in is so against God and His people...our prayers are our weapons against the present evil...be all settle in peace and the violators will know that no weapon formed against you shall prosper...If God is for us who can set against us...they will have to repent ...Praise God..All glory to our God In the precious name of Jesus Christ i pray ..Amen


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