Friday, July 22, 2011

Hungary takes step backward in religious freedom

Communism may have ended over 20 years ago in Hungary, but a recently passed law shows a continuing dictatorial mindset. The Institute on Religion and Public Policy reports a new Religion Law passed on July 12 could have serious repercussions for Christians and their churches.

The new law will strip over one hundred currently registered religious organizations of their status. Only 14 religious organizations will retain their status while “de-registered” churches will lose their rights and privileges.

The pastor of an evangelical church responded with sadness. "This is the greatest discrimination against evangelical Christians since the fall of Communism. This is just the first step against real, active, Bible-believing Christian groups. During Communism we were oppressed and persecuted, but we didn't expect the same from a so-called ‘Christian’ government,” he said.

Those churches which find themselves unregistered will not be allowed to use the name “church” and the process of re-registering is long and burdensome.

You can read the entire report here.

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