Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Christians in Laos ordered to stop house meetings

Christians in Sounya, Laos, have been
ordered to cease meeting for worship. 
Authorities in the northern Laos village of Sounya have ordered all Christian residents to stop meeting for worship in private homes, reports Compass Direct News (CDN) and Human Rights Watch for Lao Religious Freedom (HRWLRF).

The order comes after four Christians were arrested on July 10. Pastor Seng Aroun, a man known as Kofa and two other Christians met for Sunday worship at Kofa’s house. When the service concluded, police arrested all four men for assembling for worship without approval. On July 13, all but Pastor Seng were released. It is believed he remains in detention.

In 2002, there was an initial conversion of about 400 Sounya residents. Since then, opposition of Christians in the village has increased with police conducting three separate waves of church leader arrests.

In 2009, police tore down the Sounya church building and ordered all Christians to cease meeting for worship. Last year, despite the dangers, Christian began meeting in small groups. In January, they were permitted to meet in private homes on Sunday, but even this freedom has since been attacked.

You can read the entire CDN report here and the HRWLRF report here.

You can help by praying!
  • Pray freedom of religion will truly become a reality in Laos.
  • Pray God will give Pastor Seng wisdom as he speaks with authorities.
  • Pray other Christian small groups in Laos will remain safe.

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