Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Young pregnant Christian attacked by Muslim

On July 25, a group of Christians in Minya, Egypt came to the rescue of a young pregnant believer who was being attacked by a Muslim man, reports AsiaNews. A group of Muslims armed with iron rods and farming tools then attacked the Christians.

Security forces intervened, but arrested only the Christians involved in the clash, including the pregnant woman’s husband.

Local clergy explained that most residents in the area are Christian and until now haven’t had much conflict with Muslims.

Villagers believe the attack on the woman was premeditated and was in response to a church bell which has angered some local Muslims.

There are fears the Muslims could attack again. Since the fall of Mubarak, the former president, Muslims in multiple communities in Upper Egypt have been repeatedly attacking Christians.

One AsiaNews source said that until the Egyptian constitution is changed, Christians will be in danger.

For the full article, please click here. To post a prayer of solidarity with these believers, visit our Persecuted Church Prayer Wall.

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