Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Elderly Christian woman arrested in Iran

Giti was arrested and held for three days without reason.
Photo: Mohabat News
A 78-year-old member of the Church of Saint Luke in Esfahan, Iran, was recently arrested by police and held for three days, reports the Farsi Christian News Network.

Giti Hakimpour was seized from her home in the early hours of February 22. After persistent inquiries and repeated visits by church leaders, Giti was eventually allowed home on February 25.

No reason has yet been given for her arrest, nor is it at all clear what, if any, charges are to be brought against her. Since she was born in a Christian family, the possibility of an apostasy charge seems to be remote. It now appears that established and traditional churches across the city, not just house churches, have become targets of the authorities.

The tightening of Iran's oppressive grip against the Christian community in Esfahan has reached new levels since the official media reported the discovery of a truckload of Bibles on its way to the city.

Please pray!
  • Pray that no charges will be brought against Giti. 
  • Ask the Lord to help her to overcome this ordeal. 
  • Pray that God will continue to work in Iran by growing His kingdom and preparing the hearts and minds of believers to stand firm at all times. 
  • Pray that the Lord will provide Bibles for those seeking to read His Word in Iran.
To learn more about the trials Christians face in Iran, go to the Iran Country Report.

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