Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Extremist group plots to 'end the Christian presence' in northern Nigeria

A recent bombing in Jos is part of an
effort to “end the Christian presence” in Nigeria.
The al-Qaeda linked Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram has declared it is plotting to "end the Christian presence" in much of northern Nigeria, reports the Australian Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission.

According to a spokesman, the group is preparing to launch a campaign of terror against Christians through kidnapping Christian women and coordinated bombings. The women reportedly will be held for ransom and returned only to Christian families who leave the region. The goal is to eradicate Christians completely so that a "proper Islamic state" might be established.

The authorities say Boko Haram is well armed with sophisticated weaponry and munitions. This new threat against Christians is very direct and indicates very dangerous days lie ahead.

Please pray for Nigeria.
  • Please pray the Lord will protect and deliver believers in northern Nigeria. 
  • Pray He will frustrate the plans of the enemy and though His mercy bring many to repentance. 
  • Pray that Christians in Nigeria will not be fearful but trust God (Revelation 2:10).
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