Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pray for church leaders in Iran

Elam Ministries, an organization that serves to strengthen and expand the church in Iran and beyond, is calling for prayer for pastors and church leaders. Please take some time today to pray for Iranian church leaders and their families as they follow Christ amid difficult circumstances. 

We're encouraging believers all over the world to pray for pastors in Iran. As you can imagine, the life of a church planter is very different in Iran than it is for those in "open" countries. Three Iranian church pastors were asked why they continue to serve the Lord in Iran if they know they are likely to face suffering and persecution. Here’s how they responded:

Mehdi: “Last year was a challenging year. Four of our churches stopped all activity because the pastor and his wife were imprisoned. It is also painful when I hear my young daughter say, ‘Daddy, I don’t want to go to prison. I want to die like other people.’ At the same time we are in an exciting adventure. You would think the same if you were here and could see how God is working in such an amazing way. There is so much fruit and God is preparing this land for a huge revival. I believe in that. But it is not easy—especially for my family.”

Nassim: “God is great. Even in prison, he will protect us and never leave us. God has protected others who have been imprisoned, and because of this, people know that God is great even in the most difficult situations. We are ready to go to prison because we want to witness to the people in prison. We overcome fear because we know that God is with us.”

Kourosh: “The Lord came to my life. He changed my damaged life to a peaceful life. He healed my daughter miraculously and gave her new life and a new heart. He changed my hate to love. I told the Lord. ‘If You can use me, I don’t care where You send me—even to prison. What is important is the glory of the Lord.’”

Please pray for these church leaders and others like them faithfully serving God in Iran.

Send a message of encouragement to an Iranian church leader:

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Let's let these brave men and women know that their Christian brothers and sisters around the world love them and are supporting them in prayer.

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