Saturday, February 18, 2012

Update on Christians arrested in church raid in Ahvaz, Iran

In January we requested prayer following a raid on an officially recognized church in Ahvaz, Iran.

Middle East Concern reports that three Christians detained during the raid remain imprisoned: the church's pastor, Farhad, and two other church members, Davoud and Naser. Farhad's wife, Shahnaz, was detained but released on January 1.

There is mounting concern for Farhad's health. He had been receiving medical treatment shortly before being detained. In jail, he has been denied access to a doctor and has been unable to continue his medication.

Shahnaz was released when a property title deed was deposited as bail. However, there are no known charges against her, nor against Farhad, Davoud and Naser.

Iranian Christians request our prayers that:
  • Farhad, Davoud and Naser will know the presence, peace and healing of Jesus, and that they will be acquitted and released soon.
  • Shahnaz and other family members of detainees will know the Father's strength.
  • All church members will know the Spirit's wisdom and guidance, especially concerning meeting together for worship.
  • All officials involved will love mercy, act justly, learn about Jesus, and choose to follow Him.
For more information on the persecuted Church in Iran, click here.

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